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I turn 22 in 6 days on the 24th. Today I met a kid who is 13 years old. We were talkin and he looked at me utterly PUZZLED when I started talking about the house party movies and the origional Wacky Pakages. Then he told me what year he was born. 1993. 199 friggin 3! Here is a kid thats starting high school next year and he's never seen under the umbrella tree or nightbreed or full house or played pogs or NES or even listened to the spin doctors. I never thought about it, but the kids that werent born in the 80's at all are TEENAGERS now. I dont know about you guys, but doesnt that make you think about how much older were getting? I always felt like I was a youngin for being born in 84, now its weird to think about how long ago the late 80s-early 90's were.

Scary thought, and I never really realized it until today.

Thats why Im thankful for a community like this one. We are keeping alive our childhoods and the greatest era of pop culture in the history of america (in my opinion)

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