Meggan Amber (y_cant_i_be_you) wrote in 80skids,
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Truely Outrageous!!!!

I just bought a Jem and the Hologram/Misfits CD set on ebay. 126 Songs!!!! I was looking for the show on DVD. Apparently it was released a while ago whithout me knowing (cause best belive I woulda bought that shit) and now it's out of print and $200 to buy! Well $100 apiece because it's seasons 1 & 2. That's how much AbFab on VHS was for the whole series. (And that I also don't have yet) God I WANT it!!! I belive a huge chunk of my adult personality is influenced by my childhood obsession of Jem. I can remember being like 5 or 6 and practicing my Jem make-up. Yes I wore make-up when I was that young, just not to school. I was always dressing up in this or that. LOL I still do that!!!
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